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New CAHFS Facility Will Boost Animal Health and Public Safety

December 3, 2014

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Artist rendition of the new CAHFS facility in Tulare.

Beef or dairy cattle affected with acute respiratory distress and death, suspected bovine tuberculosis, a disease outbreak on a poultry farm—all of these types of cases come to the Tulare branch of the California Animal Health and Food Safety Laboratory System (CAHFS). Soon, the facility will be able to handle even more cases with a new building, slated to be completed in December 2015.

For nearly 30 years, CAHFS has been co-located in Tulare with the Veterinary Medicine Teaching and Research Center. The new facility will provide state-of-the-art diagnostic laboratory and support amenities. Designed with an open-laboratory concept, the one-story, 45,000-square-foot building will accommodate current biosafety and biosecurity needs, and provide the flexibility to adopt ever-changing diagnostic technologies. 

John Adaska, branch chief of the Tulare laboratory, added that they will be able to offer PCR testing (currently sent to the Davis lab), additional serologic testing and other diagnostics not currently available at the Tulare location. 

“The new facility will allow us to improve our turnaround times on critical tests as well as our efficiency in delivering services to our clientele,” Adaska said. “Those improvements will help keep us on the forefront of providing disease surveillance for California’s livestock and poultry and also safeguarding public health.”