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A Young Girl's Passion for Helping Raptors

December 29, 2014

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Addie Hamilton (right) baked and sold dog treats to raise money for the birds of the California Raptor Center, including Simon the burrowing owl--one of her favorites.

Sixth grader Addie Hamilton visited the California Raptor Center this past summer and knew she wanted to find a way to help raise money to support the birds she loved.  She had already donated $50 to adopt Simon, the burrowing owl, and soon cooked up another idea. 

Addie found a winning recipe for peanut butter dog biscuits and started baking. She sold 105 Mason jars filled with the treats and brought the proceeds of $300 to the raptor center to donate just before the holidays. In the process, many of the neighborhood dogs now refuse to eat their regular food, her mom says. They’re addicted to Addie’s treats!

"It was the best holiday gift the California Raptor Center could have received, one from the heart of such a hard-working, caring young girl as Addie,” said Director Michelle Hawkins. "To have given her own time and effort to create and sell an item to provide funds for feeding and caring for the birds in rehabilitation at the CRC is what volunteerism is all about. Addie is the true embodiment of giving back to your community."