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CA Dairy Management Seminars Bring Together Researchers, Dairy Employees

March 17, 2015

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Participants learned how to improve the health and production of dairy cattle through the feeding process.

More than 100 dairy farm employees, dairy managers and owners, veterinarians, nutritionists and members of allied industry attended seminars in Modesto and Tulare last month on feed preparation and delivery on California dairy farms.

The free seminars were presented in Spanish and English by Dr. Noelia Silvia del Rio, a UC Agriculture and Natural Resources (UC ANR) Cooperative Extension Dairy Specialist at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine and Jennifer Heguy, a UC ANR Cooperative Extension Farm Advisor in Merced, Stanislaus and San Joaquin Counties.

They provided participants with science- based information based on data evaluations from their observations of feed preparation and delivery systems on 26 California farms. For example, participants learned how formulated and fed rations differ on farms, as well as the concept of dry matter and why it’s important when mixing rations. They were provided valuable suggestions on how to improve the health and production of dairy cattle through the feeding process, such as reducing variability in fed rations though proper dry matter measurement and consistent recipe mixes, and maintaining an on-time feeding schedule.

The feeder on a dairy farm is responsible for the management of the most expensive cost for a dairy producer. The goal of the UC ANR- sponsored California Dairy Management Seminars is to provide science-based information and discussion on topics contributing to the success and profitability of dairy operations in California.