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Laboratories Play Vital Role in Patient Care

April 29, 2015

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Members of the VMTH’s Clinical Laboratory Services

Many of the patients that come to the veterinary hospital have illnesses that require advanced diagnostics. A broken leg can be a straight forward diagnosis for a clinician, but a viral infection can be more difficult to determine. In many cases, the expertise of the Clinical Laboratory Services is crucial in diagnosing an ailment and determining the course of treatment to pursue.

Compared to smaller veterinary clinics that may not have the capabilities to perform a multitude of diagnostic tests, the hospital’s labs are equipped to perform and interpret a very extensive and diverse array of laboratory offerings. Beyond testing samples from hospitalized patients, the VMTH labs are pleased to offer their services to referral partners and the veterinary community at large.

The labs are staffed with experienced technicians who hold a number of advanced degrees (MS, MD, PhD), and many are licensed Clinical Laboratory Scientists. This diverse complement of labs includes hematology/cytology, chemistry, microbiology, immunology/virology, parasitology, transfusion medicine, regenerative medicine, and clinical pathology. Each lab is guided by faculty experts in the respective fields.

The lab equipment is state of the art and intended for high-throughput testing and rapid generation of results. In fact, the equipment and analyzers are the same as those used in human medicine, with the same rigorous quality control protocols in place.

Because of the hospital’s extensive caseload and lab client base, the skill set of the lab staff is extremely diverse. Lab staff analyze samples from all walks of the animal kingdom, and from Community Practice to the ICU. In addition to the hundreds of dog, cat, horse and livestock samples, on any given day, the labs may evaluate a cytology sample from an elephant, a chemistry sample from an exotic bird, or a microbiology submission from a dolphin – all accomplished due to the lab expertise.