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Jessica Drushell Honored with 2015 Award for Excellence in Service to Graduate Students

May 11, 2015

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Jessica Drushell is surrounded by a number of graduate students in immunology. Standing from left are Mario Parks, Drushell, Lauren Matelski and Jessica Stolfi. From left on bottom are Lam Khuat, Anupama Ganesh and Katherine Gates, an SVM VSTP student in the Class of 2019.

May 2015

Jessica Drushell, program coordinator for the Graduate Group in Immunology, received the 2015 Award for Excellence in Service to Graduate Students (AESGS). According to the UC Davis Graduate Student Association who provides these honors, “the AESGS seeks to recognize those who work diligently to advance the status of graduate students throughout UC Davis.”

There are about 90 Ph.D. (and/or master’s degree) graduate groups/programs campus-wide. The Graduate Group in Immunology is one of four graduate groups sponsored by the school. Drushell says there are currently about 40 immunology students working toward their Ph.D.’s, many of whom work in the laboratories of SVM faculty members - as well as in the laboratories of faculty within the School of Medicine and the College of Biological Sciences.  

“The concept behind a graduate group is to encourage and facilitate cross-campus collaboration in research (immunology in this case), a mission that I believe the current SVM administration is very much interested in supporting,” Drushell said. “As such, the SVM provides us with financial support, classroom space, and an administrative home - which we very much appreciate!”