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Regenerative Medicine Laboratory Helping to Advance Therapies

December 13, 2015

Brittany Elizondo, a RML technician, prepares stem cells for growth.

Brittany Elizondo, a RML technician, prepares stem cells for growth.

It’s been nearly 10 years since a team of UC Davis veterinary clinicians and researchers first attempted regenerative medicine procedures on horses with injuries that were not healing by traditional medical means, or had no other treatment options for their conditions. Since then, regenerative medicine, more commonly referred to as stem cell therapy, is making great strides in the veterinary field. Focusing on utilizing healthy regenerative cells to repair tissue or organs, these techniques are helping racehorses return to competition, saving cats suffering from a debilitating oral disease, and aiding dogs stricken with arthritis.

The hospital’s Regenerative Medicine Laboratory (RML) provides adult-derived stem cell products for in-house applications, as well as for veterinarians around the world. Clinical applications include the treatment of tendon and cartilage injuries, bone regeneration, spinal cord injuries, as well as tendonitis and osteoarthritis.

The laboratory collaborates with the School of Veterinary Medicine’s newly launched Veterinary Institute of Regenerative Cures, the School of Medicine’s Institute for Regenerative Cures, and veterinarians and researchers from outside entities interested in advancing stem cell applications. Additionally, it is actively involved with Veterinary Center for Clinical Trials and also basic scientific research to develop alternate treatments and therapies for a wide range of naturally occurring veterinary diseases and injuries.

The RML utilizes this research knowledge and applies it to its stem cell isolation process to provide a better therapeutic product for veterinarians. The laboratory is eager to work with referring veterinarians who are interested in beginning stem cell therapies for their patients. To discuss regenerative medicine options or to order tissue collection kits for stem cell isolation, please contact the RML at 530-754-0400.

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