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Cherie Felsch Honored with a 2016 Disability Awareness Recognition Award

April 21, 2016

Congratulations to Cherie Felsch, Personnel Manager for the School of Veterinary Medicine who was recently awarded a 2016 Disability Awareness Recognition Award.

Cherie coordinates academic staff personnel programs for the school, with more than 300 faculty, 100 residents and 1,700 staff. Although her job responsibilities are demanding, she creates the time to work with Disability Management Services (DMS) on accommodation issues large and small. This year Cherie was instrumental in the orchestration of a successful outcome and resolution to one of the most complex DMS matters ever encountered at UC Davis.  Working with vocational rehabilitation counselors at DMS, and due to her unwavering support, the team was able to identify and transition the employee to a new unit where an accommodation could be provided.  

Cherie’s patience, vision and rock solid support of the accommodation process is credited for creating this extraordinary win-win-win situation; a win for the employee, a win for the new department, and a win for the university at large.  Cherie went out of her way to make this happen; she exemplified the principles of community at UC Davis.  

“On behalf of the Disability Issues Administrative Advisory Committee, Disability Awareness Committee, Human Resources, Office of Campus Community Relations, and Disability Management Services, we congratulate Cherie and thank you for your outstanding efforts and contribution to the campus.”-- Fredna Karneges, Disability Management Services

Cherie was honored at the campus-wide “Soaring to New Heights” event held April 13th at the ARC Pavilion.