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Comparative Ophthalmic Imaging Laboratory Opens

June 27, 2016

Sheri Pendergraft, RVT, and Dr. Lionel Sebbag examine Max in the new Comparative Ophthalmic Imaging Laboratory.

Sheri Pendergraft, RVT, and Dr. Lionel Sebbag examine Max in the new Comparative Ophthalmic Imaging Laboratory.

The Comparative Ophthalmic Imaging Laboratory (COIL), a diagnostic imaging facility created to support the hospital’s Ophthalmology Service, has opened adjacent to the service’s examination rooms. The new, multi-functional space strengthens facilitation of clinical trials, escalates the level of equipment and increases clinical examination space, all contributing to the enhancement of patient care and student and client education.

COIL features new, cutting-edge equipment used in both clinical trials and patient care. New to the service will be an in vivo confocal microscopy unit used to examine cells and nerves of the cornea. Only a handful of veterinary schools throughout the country have one. Other new equipment includes: a table-mounted digital slit lamp (which enhances capabilities for student and client education by showing patient’s eyes in real time); an optical coherence tomography unit (which shows cross-sectional imaging of the cornea and retina); an ultrasound pachymeter (which measures corneal thickness); light-tight interior room used to perform electroretinograms (which require complete darkness); larger, more comfortable holding space for dogs; and a dedicated mobile anesthesia cart.

The images acquired at COIL will not only aid diagnosis and management of clinical patients but will facilitate owner education to help them make informed decisions regarding their animal’s ocular health. COIL will also present a novel education platform for students and residents by acting as a bridge for discovery between the UC Davis Schools of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, facilitating a collaboration of innovative research.

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