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Dr. Larry Cowgill Receives Prestigious Hill’s ACVECC Jack Mara Scientific Achievement Award

December 21, 2016

Congratulations to Dr. Larry D. Cowgill, DVM, PhD, DACVIM, the 2016 recipient of the Hill’s ACVECC Jack Mara Scientific Achievement Award. Cowgill was honored for his work on the development and expanded application of hemodialysis and therapeutic apheresis as a means of blood purification in animals with kidney failure, acute poisoning, and immune-mediated diseases. He received his award at the September 2016 International Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care Symposium held in Texas. He will also be featured as a key lecturer in the 2017 ACVECC Postgraduate Review Course on “The Critical Kidney,” on January 20, 2017, in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Cowgill, professor in the school’s Department of Medicine, has been a member of the faculty at Davis since 1976. He currently serves as associate dean for Southern California Clinical Programs and director of the University of California Veterinary Medical Center-San Diego (Clinical Programs).

Cowgill was an early pioneer in the application and perfection of hemodialysis techniques for dogs and cats and established the world’s first clinical hemodialysis program for animals at UC Davis. He is considered an authority on kidney diseases of animals and currently directs the hemodialysis and blood purification programs at both UC Davis and the UC Veterinary Medical Center in San Diego.

He established the first fellowship training program dedicated to renal medicine and extracorporeal therapies, and has been instrumental in training specialists currently performing hemodialysis worldwide. His current efforts are directed to expanding the national and international application of high-quality hemodialysis techniques and blood purification therapies for acute and chronic kidney failure in animals as well as the critical international demand for training in these therapies. These training efforts include the (web-based) semi-monthly International Renal Replacement Rounds and establishment of the UC Davis Hemodialysis Academy that currently provided over 150 hours of advanced didactic instruction to 123 trainees in 23 countries.

Cowgill has dedicated more than 45 years to the practice of veterinary internal medicine, nephrology, and teaching and has trained many of the leading veterinary nephrologists throughout the world.