Animal Behavior Laboratory

IIHAN Investigators & Staff

Brianne Beisner, PhD

Co-Investigator, Human-Monkey Conflict

Area of Specialization

Research focuses the evolution of social behavior, particularly in macaques, with an emphasis on using social network theory to understand how variation in the structural and relational dynamics of the network relate to health and well-being and how such relationships can be use to improve management of both captive and wild populations. She oversees scientific asepcts of the IIHAN Human-Monkey Conflict Consortium ibcluding studies in India and Malaysia.

Eliza Bliss-Moreau, PhD

Co-Investigator, Dolphin Social Cognition and Emotion

Area of Specialization

Eliza focuses on understanding affect, a fundamental ingredient of emotional experiences, and how organism-to-organism variation in affect shapes variation in psychological wellbeing. She oversees scientific aspects of the IIHAN Dolphin Socio-cognition and Emotion program.

Eliza's Website