Animal Behavior Laboratory

Undergraduates & Interns

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Dolphin Social Cognition and Emotion Project

  • Michelle Wechsler
  • Emily Murakami
  • Hailey Caparella
  • Riley Blount
  • Stacie Picone
  • Sasha Winkler

Project coordinator: Eliza Bliss-Moreau

Chimpanzee Social Stability and Heath Project

Chimpanzee Research Team, PASA Sanctuaries:   

  • Dinah Davison

Project coordinator: Nicole Sharpe

Chimpanzee Behavioral Observation Team, Oakland Zoo:  

  • Karen Bullard
  • Eve Conner
  • Ruby Tilley
  • Sharon Gronningen
  • Alice Sgourakis 
  • Debbie Yueh
  • Linda Kozlowsi
  • Suzanne Rudisill
  • Debbie Yeuh
  • Wilma Chan
  • Lisa Bowers
  • Linda Kozlowski
  • Stacie Picone, UCD intern
  • Shannon Snook, UCD intern
  • Kristin Shum, UCD intern

Project coordinator: Darren E. Minier

Macaque Health and Well-being Project

  • Alyssa Maness
  • Anysia Avila
  • Ashley Herrera
  • Brianna Nakawatase
  • Emily Holland Emily
  • Erika Mittelman
  • Esmeralda Cano
  • Kelly Finn
  • Kendall Davidek
  • Madison Herrick
  • Neena Kashyap
  • Steven Durdle

Project coordinators: Brianne Beisner, Darcy Hannibal

River Otter Mother-Infant Interaction Project (Oakland Zoo)

  • Myfanwy Rowlands, Animal Behavior Graduate Group
  • Emily Murakami
  • Anysia Avila
  • Kristin Shum

Project coordinator: Darren E. Minier