Animal Behavior Laboratory

Interspecific associations between giraffe and zebra at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya.

Behavioral Ecology of Infectious Disease

Current Projects

Our current projects investigating disease ecology focus on the health of managed, free-ranging animals and neighboring human communities through scientific-based evaluation and assessment in collaboration with the Atwill Lab, UC Davis.

Ungulate Disease Ecology in Africa

Assessing social and spatial structural pathways of multi-host pathogen transmission amongst African ungulates, mainly giraffes, in Kenya.

Epidemiological Aspects of Commensalism

Investigating transmissivity of zoonotic and enzootic pathogens in free-ranging populations of rhesus macaques based on changes in distribution, group structure, and type of conflict in respective commensal, semi-commensal, and non-commensal troops in northern India.

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