Animal Behavior Laboratory

Observers collecting data on cooperative feeding methods of humpback whales in Fredrick Sound, Alaska.

Wildlife Conservation

Current Projects

Our current conservation-oriented projects focus on the managed of animal populations through scientific-based evaluation and assessment.

Mitigating the Human-Monkey Conflict in Northern India

Collaborative development effective conflict mitigation and population management strategies for Indian rhesus macaques in captive and urban environments. The aims of these interdisciplinary projects are to characterize behavior and health dynamics and processes underlying human-rhesus interaction in northern India to inform the creation of conflict mitigation plans and policy. 

See Institutional Affiliations for a list of collaborative institutions.

Past Projects

Bioacoustics and Health in Ground Squirrels

Research investigating the use of bioacoustics as a conservation and management tool, and the effects of highway noise on alarm call acoustic structure. Field sites located in White Mountains, California and at Tuolumne Meadows and Dana Meadows in Yosemite National Park, California.

Communication and Feeding in Humpback Whales

Research examining feeding calls, their use in coordination of cooperative feeding behavior, and the possible effects of boat noise on this behavior and communication system. Field sites located in Chaitham Straight and Fredrick Sound, Alaska.

Bioaoustic Census in Owls

Research examining the use of bioacoustics to census populations of Mexican spotted owls for purposes of tracking demographic patterns in this endangered species.