Aquatic Health Program

Field Capabilities

Surface Water and Sediment Sampling:

AHP’s field crew collects water and sediment samples from a wide array of water bodies according to US EPA and/or SWAMP (California Surface Water Ambient Monitoring Program) specifications.

Water Quality Monitoring:

AHP routinely measures water quality data, such as electrical conductivity, specific conductance, pH, temperature, hardness, alkalinity, ammonia-nitrogen and dissolved oxygen. Equipment is maintained and calibrated according to US EPA and/or SWAMP specifications.

Bioassessment Sample Collection:

The AHP performs sample collection for bioassessment according to the Environmental Protection Agency Multi-Habitat Approach (EPA 841-B-99-002).

In Situ Toxicity Tests:

In their natural environment, aquatic organisms are often exposed to continuously changing chemical concentrations and conditions. Laboratory tests cannot mimic natural exposure scenarios without considerable expense. In situ testing provides information on the cumulative affect of site specific conditions as they change over time. The AHP has experience in successfully developing and applying in situ exposure equipment for fish larvae and macro-invertebrates.