Mark your calendar!
No Animal Deliveries:

Thanksgiving Week: 11/19-11/23
Winter Break: 12/24-12/28
New Year’s: 12/31-1/4

CLAS will not be receiving animal deliveries on the dates above due to University holiday closures. Please note we cannot make any exceptions to this schedule.
Thank you, and Happy Holidays!

The Center for Laboratory Animal Science (CLAS) is responsible for managing all facilities in which animals are maintained for teaching and research programs in the UCD School of Veterinary Medicine and School of Medicine (excepting those maintained at the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, the Institute for Toxicology and Environmental Health, and the California Regional Primate Research Center). The CLAS-assigned facilities are located on the 10-acre Armstrong Tract just south of the main UCD campus, Medical Science I, Surge III, and at UCDHS in Sacramento. CLAS provides a range of services including animal care, cage sanitation, equipment sterilization, and delivery services to a number of non-self-supported vivaria on campus including those at the Center for Comparative Medicine, the Institute for Regenerative Cures, the Mouse Biology Program, the Dept. of Psychology, the Science Laboratory Building, the California Animal Health and Food Safety lab, and the Center for Neuroscience. Its staff works collaboratively with those in the Department of Animal Science, and the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital to provide educational and training opportunities for undergraduate and veterinary students with an interest in biomedical research and laboratory animal care.

Mission Statement
The UCD Center for Laboratory Animal Science is a team of professionals committed to the advancement of science in collaboration with the research community by promoting the humane care and use of animals used in biomedical research and teaching.