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Animal Purchasing Procedures and Guidelines

Ordering Deadlines

Ordering Info.

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Delivery Calendar (2013)


NOTE: The standard day of delivery is Tuesday.  Please contact the CLAS office at (530) 752-1390 if you have a special ordering need and we will do our best to accommodate your request.







Purchasing Information

Below is an overview of the purchasing/ordering procedures through the Center for Lab Animal Science.

CLAS works with the vendor to meet the needs specified on your order. We will notify you if any complications arise, such as alternate offers on animal ages, delivery dates or if the vendor has any questions about your order.

An email confirmation will be emailed to you (the requester) detailing what has been ordered from the vendor. Please review this email confirmation carefully.* Order confirmation is also sent to you via Campus Mail and will be a goldenrod copy of your original order. (If changes are made to your order, this copy may not reflect those changes, but an updated email confirmation will be sent to you.) If you have any questions about this process or would like to check on your order status at any time, please call our office at 752-1390.

*Please note it is the requester's responsibility to make sure each order has a unique tag number and purchase order number. Notify CLAS immediately of any errors prior to shipment, CLAS will not be financially liable for shipments made in error and all items received must be paid in full. Thank you.

Ordering Deadlines

The deadline for orders to arrive the following week is Thursday at noon (exceptions are listed below).

CLICK HERE for a list of our Vendors and their contact information.


  • NCI: 10:00 AM on Wednesday for deliveries the following week
  • NIA: 9:00 AM on Tuesday for deliveries the following week
  • TACONIC: 4:00 PM on Wednesday for deliveries the following week

Animal Ordering Information

**If you are a new PI or this is the first time you are using CLAS services, we strongly encourage you to contact our office at 752-1390

Current Protocol Number

  • If you have questions about your protocol or don't know your number please contact the IACUC Office at...
  • (530) 752-2364

Billing ID Number

  • This should be a four digit number. If you do not know your billing ID number, please contact your billing office/accounts manager for your department.
  • If your department does not use Billing ID's we are able to accept the DaFIS account number.

Vendor Choice

  • See ordering deadlines section above.

Animal Housing Location

  • Please include the building, floor and room if applicable
  • For new animal housing, contact the CLAS Vivarium Manager - Kerry Mello at (530)-752-1481

Specifics about the animals you will be ordering

  • Strain
  • Sex
  • Age/Weight
  • Quantity
  • Any special notations about your animals

Jackson Lab Additional Requirement

  • If you choose to use Jackson Labs as your vendor, please have their stock number for your animal strain.

Date of Arrival - Date the Animals Should Arrive

  • Please note that the standard arrivals are on Tuesday and the animals are placed in their appropriate housing by Wednesday
  • If you need a specific arrival date other than a Tuesday, please ask and we will contact the vendor to see if they might accommodate your needs. Please note that requests for variable arrival dates usually result in an increase in shipping costs, and may not be able to be accommodated by all vendors.

Housing Duration

  • Short Term (Less than 2 Months)
  • Long Term (More than 2 Months)
  • Terminal

Special Needs

Please be sure to let us know if your animal purchase will require extra lead time or there are special needs. Some examples of these situations would be:

  • Cryogenically preserved strains
  • Time Mated
  • Specific gestations upon arrival
  • Specific breeding requirements
  • Limited supply due to low colony numbers
  • Specific date of arrival

Basic Delivery Procedures

  • Our standard day of delivery is weekly on Tuesday.
  • Vendors deliver to the CLAS animal receiving building.
  • CLAS Animal Technicians place animals in your pre-approved, designated housing area by the following morning. Due to variable vendor shipping arrival times, animals may be placed at different times throughout Tuesday afternoons or Wednesday mornings. **Please note that animal placement time is dependent on the arrival time of the vendor delivery.

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