Atwill Water & Foodborne Zoonotic Disease Laboratory

Tamara Vodovoz

Photo: Tamara
Spanish and English, intermediate French.
- University of California, Davis, Comparative Pathology Graduate Program, Current PhD Student.
- University of California, Davis, Masters in Preventive Veterinary Medicine (MPVM), 2006.
Thesis: Vodovoz, T. 2006. West Nile Virus Surveillance in Ardeidae Birds in the San Francisco Bay Area,
California in 2005. 
- La Salle University, Bogotá, Colombia, Doctor in Veterinary Medicine (DVM), 2001.

Current Position
- Atwill Water and Foodborne Zoonotic Disease Laboratory, Population Health and Reproduction, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California, Davis. Graduate Student Researcher: Molecular epidemiology and laboratory diagnosis of protozoal (Cryptosporidium and Giardia) zoonotic pathogens in animal populations.
Volunteer Work
Senegal, West Africa
- Heifer International Senegal. Supporting community visits and activities in several rural villages near Thiés, Senegal. Independent survey on human and livestock health, animal source food preparation and consumption practices, including the perception and knowledge of people towards zoonotic diseases transmission.
- Zoological Park of Hann, Dakar Senegal. Supporting zoo staff in the clinical care and improving the husbandry of captive wildlife. Report for the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums on the current status of the park and recommendations for improvement.

Professional Experience
- Helen Keller International, West African Regional Office, Dakar, Senegal. Data Analysis Consultant: Child nutrition and anthropometric surveillance. Summer 2009.
Regional Director: Shawn Baker, +1 (221) 33-869-10-63,
- Wildlife Health Center, University of California, Davis. Graduate Student Researcher. 
MPVM Research: Estimation of prevalence and spatiotemporal clusters of West Nile Virus infection and exposure in aquatic birds from the San Francisco Bay Delta; linking infection and exposure test results to clinical signs and pathological findings; and diagnostic test validation in different aquatic bird species. In addition to testing the accuracy of prediction models for West Nile Virus prevalence in Californian wild birds using geographical information systems (GIS), May 2005 – December 2007.
Supervisors: Dr. Christine Kreuder Johnson, 530-7549035,, and 
Dr. Jonna K. Mazet, 530-7549035,
- Midtown Animal Clinic. Veterinary Technician small animal clinic: Small animal health technician for a pet clinic. Attended client visits for vaccination and de-worming, phlebotomy, radiology, diagnostic tests (including test kits, fecal parasitology, skin scrapes, among others) and assisted clinical examinations and procedures, Davis, CA. April – August 2005.  
Supervisor: Dr. Cliff Gravem, 530-7585650,
 - Wildlife Safari Park, Winston Oregon. Veterinary Internship in Clinical Zoological Medicine, including remote chemical immobilization, anesthesia, radiology, parasitology and medicine of a captive and semi-free range collection of 600 African, Asian and American animals. November 2004– February 2005. 
Supervisor: Dr. Modesto McClean, (541) 679-6761,
 -  Small animal medicine, private practice. Cali, Colombia. December 2003 – October 2004. 
Supervisor: Dr. Henry Palacios, +1 (572) 553-1389.
- Wildlife Tracking Center, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Florida. Reproductive Endocrinology Research Fellow. Determination of hormone levels by EIA (Enzyme Immune Assay) in Cotton Top Tamarins (wild and captive populations), Hippopotamus, giraffe and Elephants. Pregnancy monitoring, contraception research and determination of reproductive cycles. October 2002 – October 2003.
Supervisors:  Dr. Catherine Reburn, 407-938-2839,, and
Dr. Anne Savage, 407-938-2526,
 - Conservation and Research Center of the National Zoological Park, Smithsonian Institute, Front Royal,
Virginia. Internship in Conservation Biology. Small mammal inventory of National Parks and White Tail deer (Odocoelus virginianus) contraception and biodiversity monitoring. June to September 2002. 
Supervisor: Dr. William McShea,
 - Centro de Primatología Araguatos. Field veterinarian and associate researcher. Pilot field study to assess the health status of free ranging howler monkeys in undisturbed forest at Hacienda La Morena, Puerto Lopez, Meta, Colombia. Population management of Primates (Alouatta seniculus), capture, translocation, health and environmental assessment study in fragmented and intervened forest at El Cerrejon Coal Mine. February 2001 – May 2002.
Supervisors:  Dr. Fernando Nassar, and
Victoria Pereira:

- Christine Kreuder Johnson, Tamara Vodovoz, Walter M Boyce, Jonna AK Mazet. Lead Exposure in California Condors and Sentinel Species in California, Literature review. February 2007.
- Abstract: West Nile Virus Surveillance in Ardeidae Birds in the San Francisco Bay Area, California 2005.  In the proceeding of the Annual Wildlife Disease Association Conference, Estes Park Colorado, August 12 – 17, 2007.
- Fernando Nassar-Montoya, Victoria Pereira-Bengoa and Tamara Vodovoz. Medicina de la conservacion en el estudio de poblaciones naturales de primates en Colombia. In: Primatologia del Nuevo Mundo, Biologia, medicina, manejo y conservacion (Spanish language). First edition, Centro de Primatologia Araguatos, Bogota, Colombia 2003.