2002 Recipients of the Alumni Achievement Award

Jerry R. Gillespie, DVM '61, PhD '65

Jerry R. Gillespie

Jerry Gillespie

Jerry R. Gillespie, DVM, PhD, is the former director of the Joint Institute for Food Safety Research of the US Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services. A retired professor at Kansas State University, Dr. Gillespie received his DVM degree from Oklahoma State University in 1961, followed by a doctorate in comparative pathology in 1965 at UC Davis-where he worked as a professor in the School of Veterinary Medicine from 1966-1985. Dr. Gillespie's research interests include anesthesiology, equine performance diseases and the ecology of food-borne organisms, and he has actively promoted veterinary science and research on behalf of the profession. He is also a horse owner-trainer and a livestock producer.

Hugh B. Norris, DVM '57

photo: Hugh B. Norris

Hugh Norris

Hugh B. Norris, DVM, a retired California veterinarian who spent 37 years as a small animal practitioner in Southern California, has been active in volunteer activities and veterinary medical associations at the local, state and national levels. A Navy veteran of WW II and the Korean War, Dr. Norris earned his DVM degree from the School of Veterinary Medicine in 1957. Among his many community accomplishments is a long-standing connection with the Boy Scouts of America-he established the first Veterinary Medical Boy Scout Explorer Post in the world at the San Diego Zoo and has been a member of the Boy Scouts for 43 years.