2006-07 Professional Awards

Danika Bannasch, First Betty Garvin Memorial Speaker Award, Dalmatian Club of America,

Bruce Charlton, 2007 Poultry Scientist of the Year, Pacific Egg and Poultry Association

Bruno Chomel, Elected to the French National Academy of Medicine

Irwin Liu, David Bartlett Award, American College of Theriogenologists/Society for Theriogenology

John Madigan, Animal Welfare Award, American Veterinary Medical Association

David Maggs, 2007 Carl J. Norden Distinguished Teacher Award

Isaac Pessah, The Inaugural Cure Autism Now Environmental Innovator Award

Quinton Rogers, 2007 Student Scholarship Endowment in honor of Quinton R. Rogers, Purina PetCare

Scott Stanley, Drug Enforcement Agencies Administrator Award

Susan Stover, 2007 Pfizer Animal Health Award for Research Excellence