2009-10 Professional Awards

Xinbin Chen, 2010 Pfizer Animal Health Excellence in Research Award

Larry Cowgill, 2010 Pioneer Specialist Award by American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine Foundation

Ben Hart, 2010 U.S. Fulbright Scholar Award, University of Helsinki

Dallas Hyde, 2009 Outstanding Veterinary Anatomist Award, American Association of Veterinary Anatomists

Peter Ihrke, 2009 Hill’s Excellence in Veterinary Healthcare Award, World Small Animal Veterinary Association

Hailu Kinde, 2010 Agilent Thought Leader Award, Agilent Technologies, Inc.

Greg Lanzaro, 2010 Editor's Choice Award, Entomological Society of America

Leslie Lyons, 2010 Council on Research Award, American Veterinary Medical Association

Leslie Lyons, Winn Feline Foundation Award, American Veterinary Medical Foundation

Richard Nelson, 2010 Pfizer Distinguished Teacher Award

Kent Pinkerton, Society of Toxicology’s Lifetime Achievement Award