Academic Senate Distinguished Teaching Award

Photo: Joie Watson

Joie Watson

Joie Watson

Chair and Associate professor, Medicine and Epidemiology

Dr. Joie Watson is recognized for excellence in teaching through her sustained efforts in planning, implementing and service to the new professional curriculum; the adoption of and mentoring of others in new teaching methodologies; and contributions to furthering educational scholarship through the service and leadership to the Teaching Academy.

Dr. Watson is an Associate Professor of Equine Medicine and Chair of the Department of Veterinary Medicine and Epidemiology. She received her DVM (1986) and PhD (1994) from the University of California, Davis and joined our faculty in 1996. She is a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine.

Dr. Watson has been actively engaged in planning and implementation of the new professional curriculum, serving as a member of the Curriculum Review Steering Committee (2005-2008), Curriculum Development Steering Committee II (2009-2010) and then as Co-Chair of the Curriculum Committee (2012-2014). She has embraced the ideals to “develop a curriculum for its students that will set a new standard in veterinary medical education and serve the profession and society well into the future” and worked tirelessly to that end. Her knowledge of adult learning theory has provided a solid foundation in guiding the Curriculum Committee through controversial and often heated discussions. She is considered a “voice of reason”, a consensus builder, always open to listening and discussing different ideas and, above all, providing a clear, transparent process to decision making.

Dr. Watson is an exceptional instructor in didactic and clinical teaching settings, receiving the Favorite Teacher Award (equine) in 2009. She carries a substantial teaching load within the DVM curriculum and, along with Geraldine Hunt, has designed and engineered a team-based approach to student learning in the Comparative Medicine streams. She is organized, has clear objectives, provides an engaging approach and students appreciate that she emphasizes the important points from an entry-level veterinarian perspective.

Dr. Watson has played a leadership role for the Teaching Academy of the Consortium of West Region Colleges of Veterinary Medicine, helping to provide a platform for faculty to share ideas about teaching, learning and educational scholarship. She is currently Chair of the steering committee, bringing organization and enthusiasm to the group.