Academic Senate Distinguished Teaching Award

Photo: Munashe Chigerwe

Munashe Chigerwe

Munashe Chigerwe

Assistant professor, livestock medicine and surgery

Dr. Munashe Chigerwe, assistant professor of livestock medicine and surgery at the school, received a Distinguished Teaching Award from the Academic Senate this week. This honor is presented to outstanding teachers in both undergraduate and graduate levels who have made an extraordinary impact on their students.

Described by his nominators as having an “infectious enthusiasm for teaching and learning” that rubs off on both students and colleagues. Chigerwe joined the UC Davis faculty only six years ago, and has already received six teaching awards in the School of Veterinary Medicine. Students say he has a knack for learning each student’s name and requiring class participation in a nonthreatening manner.

They add that his lectures and clinical teaching rounds are organized and focused, designed to enable students’ absorption and retention of the information that he presents. In addition to the demands of teaching and an active research program, Chigerwe has pursued the scholarship of education, publishing two scholarly manuscripts on student career-path choices and learning styles.