Previous El Blanco Award recipients

2016 - Bob and Colleen Haas - in recognition of the program changing support they have provided that will have a lasting impact on the School's ability to advance veterinary medicine, as well as their committment to seeing the veterinary profession become more diverse with a recruitment scholarship to attract underserved students in the profession.

2015 - Pam Green – in recognition of her on-going generous support of the school’s animal health programs, clinical trials and hospital patients.

2015 - Nicoli and Barbara Nicholas Sr., Nicoli Nicholas Jr., and the Nicholas Livestock Co – in recognition of their contributions to clinical veterinary medical education of DVM students and residents for more than 50 years.

2014- Susan Koret and the Koret Foundation - In recognition of their long standing support of the School, our shelter medicine programs, and the Center for Companion Animal Health.

2013 - Ron and Sara Malone - In recognition of long-term support of the School, clinical research programs, and the Center for Equine Health.

2012 - Denise Powell - In recognition of her contributions and dedication towards eliminating hyperuricosuria in Dalmatians. 

2011 - Dick and Carol Randall - In recognition of their vision and support for the creation of the CEH Stem Cell Regenerative Medicine Group. 

2010 - Cornell and Terri Kasbergen and Rancho Teresita -  In recognition of their Contributions in education and research that have advanced the health and well-being of dairy cattle.

2009 - H.D. Plocher Family and Cache Acres Holstein - In recognition of their many contributions toward education and research that have advanced the health and well-being of dairy cattle.

2008 - Marcia J. Munro - In recognition of her many contributions to the Feline Familial Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Project.

2008 - Piet & Jack Beukelman - In recognition of their many contributions in education and research, that have advanced the health and well-being of dairy cattle.

2007 - Susan Evans - For her leadership, education and support resulting in the effective use of pacemaker therapy in animal patients.

2005 - Susan Solomon - In recognition of life-long commitment to the care and well-being of reptiles and efforts with rescue, rehabilitation and relocation of these special animals.

2003 - Kathleen Doyle & Richard Cunningham -  In recognition of their assistance by enrolling their Connemara Pony, Oisin, in clinical trials to test an innovative vaccine for the treatment of skin cancer.

2001 - Sheila Cruickshank and Mr. & Mrs. Freid - In recognition their assistance with the first experimental pancreas transplantation procedure performed on dogs. Their unselfish act made significant contributions to science and enabled new opportunity to help animals and people with pancreatic dysfunction.

2000 - Charles Anderson - In recognition of the development of a unique large animal sling used in airlift rescues, recovery from anesthesia, surgery, and restraint.

1997 - Leo Grillo - In recognition of his significant contributions in fostering the development of a model animal hemodialysis center, and support in creating a clinical fellowship in renal medicine and hemodialysis.

1997 - Doug Van Beek - In recognition of his significant contributions toward long term clinical research benefitting dairy cattle health.

1996 - Martin & Barbara Packard -  In recognition of their dedication and significant contributions to veterinary medicine and animal health resulting in advances in understanding and defining genetically based diseases in purebred dogs.

1995 - Cecil Johnson and Marco M. & Clair L. Porobich - In recognition of their significant contributions leading to the discovery of a DNA mutation that causes equine hyperkalemic heriodic haralysis.

1994 - Cyndi Olson Glassauer - In recognition of the significant efforts and outstanding contributions made by her and her cat El Blanco to the advancement of animal health and will-being in the discovery of taurine deficiency as the cause of feline dilated cardiomyopathy.