Internships, Short Courses and Workshops

We annually conduct numerous national and international training and extension activities (e.g., workshops, seminars, training activities, etc.) to increase awareness and build capacity in very diverse target audiences, (e.g., producers, veterinarians, private practitioners, stakeholders). These technology transfer activities contribute to provide researchers with these high-demanded analytical skills and improve literacy in epidemiology and risk analysis among stakeholders, producers, consumers and society as a whole.

We also offer customized quantitative epidemiology internshipshands-on-practice short training courses and workshops by request either in English or Spanish (please contact us if you are interested). Some examples are:

  • Social network analysis and cluster methods applied to veterinary epidemiology
  • Introduction to spatial epidemiology with R-language
  • Introduction to multilevel regression methods with R-language
  • Disease BioPortal™: The next generation of real-time surveillance and risk assessment platforms