California Animal Health & Food Safety Laboratory System

Hours of Operation

The normal business hours for CAHFS laboratories are from 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday with the exception of holidays.

In the event that a client wants to submit after hours they need to consult with the diagnostician on duty to discuss the circumstances of the case. After hours and weekend submissions much be arranged with the diagnostician on duty and acceptance of after-hours submissions will be at the discretion of the diagnostician. Extra fees will apply for after-hours submissions and necropsies. Cases that should be expedited after hours are suspected Foreign Animal Disease, deaths of large numbers of animals in a short time and cases of public health importance for which immediate sample collection and testing are necessary and available. In cases such as these, officials from the California Department of Food and Agriculture or public health may be notified. Procedures for after-hours submissions vary between labs; please consult the diagnostician on duty for further information.