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Shipping and Courier Services

Packaging Samples

Shipment of diagnostic materials is subject to government regulations.  If you want to contact one of our labs with questions about proper packaging of samples, visit our Contact Us page for our laboratory phone numbers and email addresses and see our Packing Guidelines page for CAHFS recommendations for proper, safe packaging of specimens for submission.

Delivery Services

Specimen shipments can be delivered in person, U.S. Mail, or by commercial courier services such as these:  **FedEX,  UPS, Golden State, Greyhound, and others.  Click on the service of interest for details which are listed below.  However, due to delivery reductions at the UC Davis Mail Division, the CAHFS-Davis laboratory no longer accepts samples sent via U.S. Priority Mail Service.

**CAHFS has contracted commercial service with Federal Express for packages under 40 lbs.  Clients receive a significant savings by using the CAHFS account number for Federal Express listed below.  CAHFS will subsequently bill clients for these courier fees. Rates are subject to change without notification.  Please note that this account can be used only for shipments to CAHFS laboratories.


(800) 463-3339
FedEx Website 

Federal Express offers a comprehensive tracking service that can locate a shipment in transit. Envelopes, boxes, and airbills can also be requested at no charge. Use of the University of California, Davis account allows for discounted rates. CAHFS will bill our clients for the shipping when this account is used. Call CAHFS at (530) 752-8700 between 8am-5pm, M-F, and ask for "Receiving". The staff will provide any shipping information needed and the University account number for Fed Ex.

Important items on FedEx form when using the University Account:

Line 4a Service: Check STANDARD OVERNIGHT (next afternoon) or PRIORITY OVERNIGHT (next morning).

Line 7 Payment: RECIPIENT box needs to be checked and the University Account number entered on the FedEx Acct. No. line provided.
If requesting Saturday delivery, the following lines must also be completed:

Line 6 Special Handling: SATURDAY DELIVERY must be checked. (Only the Davis Branch accepts FedEx shipments on Saturday)

Line 8 Release Signature: A RELEASE SIGNATURE must be present for driver to deliver packages on Saturday.

UPS Website
(800) 742-5877

UPS offers one and two day delivery service in California. Next-day delivery is assessed at a premium rate. Clients can set up an account with UPS and for a nominal weekly fee, drivers will make daily stops for outgoing packages.

Shipments must be sent to the street address of the receiving laboratory. Commercial carriers cannot deliver to Post Office boxes, therefore, the laboratory street addresses must be used. These addresses are on the bottom of the submission forms and on this website's Contact Us page.

GSO Website
(800) 322-5555

Clients may contact Golden State to establish their own accounts. At this time, CAHFS is unable to provide service through Golden State.

Greyhound Website
(800) 322-5555

Greyhound provides economical, same day or overnight delivery. When a package arrives at its destination, the lab is notified and CAHFS picks up the submission sample. NOTE: Greyhound does not offer service to the Davis or San Bernardino Laboratories. 

USPS Website
(800) 275-8777

Non-perishable specimens may be sent by regular mail service.  Call the Davis Lab for shipping information.

Other Commonly Used Services:

San Joaquin Valley (Fresno-Bakersfield area only)
SJV Website
(800) 515-6100

IDEXX (request courier service to CAHFS)
SJV Website
(800) 444-4210