California Animal Health & Food Safety Laboratory System

General Guidelines for Completing the Submission Form

  • Please use a separate submission form for multiple species; i.e. do NOT submit samples for a llama and a horse on the same form.
  • All types of submissions, EXCEPT Commercial Poultry, should use the Standard Submission Form.
  • Commercial Poultry are flocks of 1000 or more birds. This type of submission requires the Poultry Submission Form.  Commercial poultry species include chickens, turkeys, domestic waterfowl (ducks, geese), and squabs (meat pigeons).
  • For avian (non-commercial poultry) submissions, consider the "herd" references on the standard submission form as synonymous with "flock".
  • In the section immediately below the Veterinarian and Owner information section, check the box that corresponds to the submitted sample. If the submitted sample is not indicated in the choices, check “ other ” and specify the sample type on the adjacent line.
  • If submitting a Psittacine or a Ratite, in addition to checking the corresponding box, indicate the breed on the adjacent line.
  • In the History section of the form, give a reason for submitting the sample(s) and provide as much background information as possible (e.g. clinical signs, nutrition, etc.).   A comprehensive history provides information important to the understanding of conditions under which diseases occur, and allows the diagnostician to participate more effectively in finding solutions to disease problems.
  • If more than one sample is submitted on the same form and the client (veterinarian or owner) wants the results from each sample identified, be sure to fill in the  "Specimen ID” section of the Animal/Specimen Information table at the bottom of the submission form.
  • In the same Animal/Specimen table (as above), please also indicate the age and species of the animal as many of our tests are age- or species-specific.  Also indicate the specimen type (e.g. blood, carcass, feed, a specific organ) as the assignment of tests depends on this information.