California Raptor Center

Photo: Off Site Presentation
Christine Adams, a California Raptor Center (CRC) volunteer shows students a hawk during her presentation at Theodore Judah Elementary School in Sacramento. The California Raptor Center is part of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.


Making connections between the species

One of the key roles of the California Raptor Center (CRC) is to develop the public’s concern and awareness about their shared community with birds and other wildlife.An important part of the center is to serve as an educator to change personal attitudes and practices enabling communities to care for their own environments.

Education Department:

The Education Department at the CRC is run by highly experienced staff and students who volunteer their time to educate the community. Throughout the years, our education program has reached more than 600,000 elementary school students!

The Education Department provides different ways to learn about Raptors and their role in the environment.


On-site tours:
Classroom presentations and group tours of the museum, exhibits, and other facilities offer encouraging opportunities for children and adults to "meet" a hawk, a vulture, an owl, or other "sheltered guests" at the California Raptor Center.

Similar to our on-site program, but we bring the raptors and bio-facts to your school, club, or event.
Please call to see about scheduling. Education office - (530)-752-9994

Self-Guided Tours:
The CRC is open for self-guided tours during operational hours. All of our non-releasable raptors are on the tour route, with informative placards describing each bird and its personal story (the rehabilitation section is off-limits to the public). The museum is also open for self-guided tours. There is no charge for entry or parking. Please keep groups to 6 people or less to minimize stress to the birds.Please call the CRC to schedule a guided tour if you have a group larger than 6.

Classes and Clinics:
The CRC also hosts Raptor Rehabilitation Conferences for wildlife rehabilitators and veterinarians to learn various aspects of raptor handling, management and medicine.

Field Trips:
None scheduled at this time.

Special Events:
The CRC typically hosts Open Houses during the Fall and Spring. This is a family-oriented day, which allows members of the community to visit the Center for a fun-filed educational day. Lectures on raptor rehabilitation, identification, conservation and adaptations are presented throughout the day. Also, numerous handlers are available to answer questions about the live educational raptors they will have on fist. Self-guided cage tours are available throughout the day, and the Museum will also be open for a hands-on experience. There is no charge for this event.