Photo: A Raptor Center Volunteer Holds One of Our Raptors Before its Release

About the California Raptor Center:

The California Raptor Center (CRC) provides hands-on training in the care and management of birds of prey and provides educational programs to the general public and the university community.

Volunteers can gain invaluable hands-on experience and the self-confidence necessary to provide compassionate clinical care for wildlife. CRC offers unique opportunities to work with local raptor species.

With the help of volunteers CRC is able to care for and rehabilitate sick, injured, and orphaned raptors. The Center receives 300-350 raptors each year and student and community volunteers feed and provide medical care under the direction of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. Theirs is an extraordinary labor of love and learning. The reward for their efforts? About 60% of the California Raptor Center's patients are eventually released.

Special volunteer work days can be arranged for community groups or businesses who wish to help the Raptor Center. Projects vary considerably based on the skills and resources of the participating groups. Contact the Raptor Center for further information about how your group can schedule a day.

Volunteer Opportunities:

NO prior experience is required to volunteer at CRC. All training will be provided.
Some tasks you can expect to perform:

  • Cage cleaning
  • Feeding
  • Catching, handling, and restraint of birds
  • Weighing birds
  • Physical exams
  • Taming (holding an educational bird on the fist)
  • Care of nursery (spring and summer)
  • RELEASE of birds back to the wild

Facilities Maintenance
Help with building or repairing cages, constructing or rewrapping perches, fixing netting, fixing broken aviaries, and setting up for exhibits. Most projects must be completed at the CRC. The time commitment varies per project and season.

We have a great need for support in this area since it is critical to the daily operation of the facility and care of the birds. There is a constant need for help with landscaping – leaf raking, mowing, removing weeds.

Present the mission of the CRC to the public about raptors, their place in the environment, their biology, and how humans impact them with both on-site and off-site presentations.

Time requirement
Volunteers are required to work a minimum of 4 hours per week. This may be worked in a single 4-hour block or may be split into two 2-hour blocks. The CRC is in operation 7 days a week.

Age requirement
All volunteers must be 18 years or older.

Dress code
Long pants and close-toed shoes are required at all times. Any volunteer who shows up without the aforementioned will not be allowed to work with animals. Short-sleeved shirts and tank tops are OK.

Rehabilitation office - 530-752-6091