California Raptor Center



Our Fall Open House will be on Saturday, October 19th from 9am - 3pm.


Sullivan is a California Golden Eagle who came to us in the Spring of 2012. He is amazing.

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Found an injured or sick raptor?
Can you tell if a raptor "baby" has been orphaned or not?
Do you know how to handle an injured Raptor?

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Not many things are more cute than baby raptors.

We have several videos that showcase these fragile beauties.

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California Raptor Center

The California Raptor Center, affiliated with the University of California-Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, is committed to preserving and perpetuating the health of all raptor species, with special emphasis on those native to California and the West. We accomplish this goal through our Mission:

We offer educational programs to K-12 and university students, Wildlife Agencies, and California communities, teaching the biology of raptors, the importance of these predators in the ecosystem, the difficulties they face as their natural habitats shrink, and ways we can help raptors - and by extension, all wildlife species - to thrive.

Raptor Health Care and Rehabilitation
We provide an important service to the public and to state and federal agencies, accepting all injured, ill, and orphaned birds of prey they bring us. We offer these birds the finest available medical care and rehabilitation.

Multidisciplinary research teams from the university design and carry out studies on all aspects of the health of both captive and free-living raptors.

The California Raptor Center is authorized by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the US Fish and Wildlife Service. It is a unique facility in the state because of its affiliation with UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, which supports the medical needs of these special birds and offers a broad spectrum of care, from advanced imaging capabilities to surgical expertise.

Tax-deductible contributions from individuals who care about birds of prey play an important role in supporting both ongoing operations and facility improvements. - Please donate today -

Have you found a sick or Injured bird? - click here for information -

Our museum and our permanent collection of living, nonreleasable raptors are open to public view on weekdays and Saturdays. We also receive injured, sick and orphaned birds at the Center. - Directions -

The Companion Exotic Animal Medicine & Surgery Service provides care for injured and sick wildlife, including emergency services, and works in conjunction with the California Raptor Center to rehabilitate injured birds of prey for release back to the wild.