Help us reach our goal this spring! 

$5,489.94 raised

Goal: $35,000

Help us fully fund our annual medical costs during our appeal for donations, which will last from May 20-June 20. The California Raptor Center is run almost entirely by volunteers, and your support is vital, so share this website and consider adding your support! 

Dear California Raptor Center supporter, 

Hundreds of people flowed through the California Raptor Center’s Spring Open House last Saturday, even as clouds lingered and rain fell. It was a wonderful day, and our amazing volunteers, as always, deserve a huge amount of credit for making it happen. 

With the momentum of that great event, we are kicking off a month-long appeal for support, and we want you to be a part of it. Even with a staff comprised almost entirely of volunteers, the cost of providing medical care to the raptors we rehabilitate and release every year adds up to about $35,000. 

We want to raise that much in the next 30 days, but we need your to help make that happen!

Our Director, Dr. Michelle Hawkins, is off the grid for the next two weeks taking some much-deserved time off. Let’s blow her mind with a huge swell of support in her absence! Your support of the Raptor Center would be the ultimate gift for Michelle, and it would position us for a great 2016 and beyond.

Donate on our secure website and help spread the word by sharing this page! Call 530-752-7024 for support. 

Send a check: 

California Raptor Center 
UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine
PO Box 1167
Davis, CA 95617-1167

Support the Raptor Center!

  • Bald eagle flight cage

    Injured bald eagle regains strength in a flight cage after a wing injury.

  • Forres the owl

    Forrest the great horned owl on display at the Spring Open House.