ROSA: Harris's hawk

Rosa is a female Harris's Hawk
"Adopt" Rosa!

Rosa was brought to the Center in November 1999 by a falconer. She was used in the sport of falconry for nine years until she developed wing-tip edema, a condition of unknown origin that causes pronounced swelling of the wing tips. Rosa's primary (or flight) feathers were permanently damaged, and she can no longer grow these feathers essential for flight.

Rosa was donated to CRC for use in our education programs. Rosa learned the "taming"* process from her original handler and did very well with it at CRC for several years. However, she can no longer stay calm when out "on the fist" before audiences during educational programs, and so she has been retired from educational handling.

Rosa has adapted well to life at the CRC and delights visitors when she "greets" them with her loud her Harris's Hawk territorial call, a jolting and gravelly "Aaaaaahhhhh." Rosa is still an excellent educational ambassador, allowing people to observe the protective behaviors that birds of prey sometimes display and to see for themselves that such birds can never be pets.

* Taming is the process of teaching a bird to stay perched on your gloved fist. The bird is fitted with special leather bracelets around the ankles, to which jesses, a swivel, and a leash are attached. This equipment keeps the bird from flying away or from injury if it should become agitated.