Cowboy: Peregrine Falcon

Cowboy is a male Peregrine Falcon

Cowboy arrived at the Raptor Center in June 2007 as a second-year bird, that is, as a young adult. He had been found in March near Santa Cruz, CA, with wing and leg injuries, and was taken to a veterinarian for treatment.

Cowboy then spent time in a rehabilitation facility for flight assessment, and then was transferred to the UCD Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital for a condition called "bumblefoot" (an infection of the pad of the foot and toes), which cleared up with medication. But he was deemed non-releasable because his broken leg had healed in a bowed position and his fractured wing could never again sustain the strong flight and high-speed dives (over 250 mph) of this falcon's hunting style.

That autumn, Cowboy was housed with Horus, our Prairie Falcon, in our display area. Visitors can readily see the differences in the field markings of the Peregrine and Prairie Falcons as Cowboy and Horus sit side-by-side.

Cowboy is an excellent ambassador for wild falcons and other raptors who struggle to survive in our rapidly changing world.

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