Thank You For Helping Build Our New Eagle and Mid-Flight Enclosures!

$49,135 raised

Goal: $35,000

10/2: Everything is on schedule and looking good! The eagle display and the midflight display are really coming together and we can see what they are going to look like finished. You can, too, at the CRC Open House on Saturday the 17th. We've got lots of preparations underway for the big day. In the meantime, our slideshow is getting bigger by the day - take a look.

Previous updates:

9/22: Work continues and, while it's not as dramatic as seeing the old structures get demolished and replaced by framing poles, it is really great to see everything coming together. The slideshow is filling up nicely; take a look!

9/12: Another week and the construction continues! The midflight roof is looking great and the eagle display is well on its way. Check out the pictures in the slideshow; it's really amazing work!

9/4: As we enter Labor Day weekend, the progress is really showing. Both cages are framed with poles and you can already see how transforming these new facilities are going to be. Thank you, again, for all of your contributions to this project and for making this dream a reality! The slideshow on the right has been updated with this week's activities.

8/31: For our last day of August update, we figured that you could use a nice slideshow of our amazing progress in just one week. Both the midflight cage and the eagle display have been demolished and the new poles are already up for midflight. We have painted all the plywood and are looking good for our anticipated completion! 

On August 24, 2015, our renovations began! Already, the over-30-year-old eagle cage has been demolished and the mid-flight cage is next on the list. Flint Construction has generously donated their time for this project and our target completion is early October, 2015. 

Our western screech owls, along with Fuzzy, our golden eagle, have all been re-homed to other enclosures while construction takes place. Everyone involved in the project is endeavoring to keep the environment as stress-free as possible for CRC residents and caretakers.

Renovation Updates!

  • Photo: Demolition of midflight cage

    The old midflight cage is brought down!!

  • Photo: Prepped midflight location

    The midflight cage location is cleaned now, and prepped for poles.

  • Photo: New poles for midflight

    Poles went up on 8/31 for the new midflight cage.

  • Photo: Frame of midflight

    Framing of midflight is almost complete!!

  • Photo: Midflight roofing

    The midflight roof is midway to completion!

  • Photo: Continued construction of midflight

    Midflight roofing and construction continues.

  • Eagle Display is on schedule and looking great!

    Midflight Display is on schedule and looking great!

  • Eagle Display is on schedule and looking great!

    Eagle Display is on schedule and looking great!

  • Photo: Painting plywood panels

    Painting plywood for the new cages

  • Photo: Painting plywood panels

    Painting plywood for the new cages

  • Photo: Eagle display demolition

    Eagle display demolition on the week of 8/24.

  • Photo: Eagle display demolition

    Eagle display demolition on the week of 8/24.

  • Photo: Cleaned eagle display site

    The eagle display is now cleaned of the demolition debris and ready for its poles.

  • Photo: Eagle display pole framing

    Eagle display pole framing

  • Photo: Eagle display construction

    Eagle display is coming together!

  • Photo: Eagle display construction continues

    Construction of the eagle display continues.

  • Photo: Eagle display roofing nears completion

    Eagle display roofing nears completion

  • Eagle Display is on schedule and looking great!

    Eagle Display is on schedule and looking great!

  • Eagle Display is on schedule and looking great!

The campaign is now closed, but if you'd like to support the California Raptor Center, you can still do so using any of the links below. We raised enough money to build the new cages, but any additional donations will go toward future improvements to the Center. Thank you! 

Donate now!  $25  |  $50  |  $75  |  $100  |  $250  |  $500  |  $1,000  |  Other  |  Whole Project!

  • Eagle cage plans

    Plans for the new eagle cage

  • The current eagle cage, which is in desperate need of replacement.

  • Plans for the new mid-flight cage

  • The current mid-flight cage, which will be replaced thanks to your support.

The Campaign:

Since 1972 the California Raptor Center has been a sanctuary for rescued and rehabilitated raptors. During that time, the eagle display cage and the mid-fight enclosure have served as homes for non-releasable golden eagles and small raptors for nearly 25 years. Now it's time to replace them, which is where you come in! 

We want to change the face of the California Raptor Center by making these long-overdue improvements. The School of Veterinary Medicine provides administrative support to the California Raptor Center, however we rely on generous donors like yourself to help fund rehabilitation and facilities maintenance. These enclosures will allow us to provide a better space for the birds and continue to provide memorable opportunities for visitors. 

The California Raptor Center has secured one-third of the estimated cost for our new cages; donate below to partner with the Raptor Center in reaching their fundraising goal by August 1, 2015. Thank you! 

Replacing the Cages

The California Raptor Center has been a unit of UC Davis since 1972, occupying its current location for much of its history. All of the cages are old (some more than 25 years old) with the exception of the rehabilitation cages constructed in 2008 and 2012. A facilities assessment determined that patchwork solutions are no longer feasible. The pervasive wood rot and structural decay have compromised the structural integrity of the enclosures, including the roofs and undermining their safety.  Based on the facilities assessment two enclosures should immediately be replaced: Eagle Display and the Mid-Flight Enclosure. 

The Eagle Display is the first enclosure visitors see when they visit the center. It has been used to house non-releasable golden eagles, allowing visitors a rare and memorable opportunity for viewing these impressive birds. The dilapidated tool shed located directly behind it will also be demolished during the project. 

The Mid-Flight enclosure has been used as both flight training space and as an exhibit for non-releasable and education birds. This enclosure has always served as a home for several small raptors at any given time.  Western screech owls, burrowing owls and American kestrels are the usual species that occupy the chamber and there have always been between 3-6 individuals at any given time.

The Plan

Replace Eagle Display and Mid-Flight enclosures by the end of September 2015.

News plans with similar enclosure dimensions and upgraded design and materials have been created.  These enhancements will provide greater longevity for the enclosures while still offering practical, functional use the center depends upon.

The project will take approximately four weeks to complete (end of August to the end of September) and includes demolition, hauling away old materials and construction.  To date the California Raptor Center has identified a construction company that is capable and highly interested in providing all of the labor for this project free of charge.  Community groups and companies also have volunteers available for “community work days.”

The current birds occupying the enclosures will temporarily be relocated to other on-site enclosures until the renovation is completed.

The Budget

It is estimated that this project will cost approximately $35,000 which includes, labor, materials and supplies. 

Through the generosity of a donor, the CRC has secured 1/3 of the necessary funds to initiate the project.  To raise the remaining funds by early August, the CRC would love your help. Donate here!  

The Impact

The new enclosures will transform the face of the California Raptor Center, making it a welcoming place, easy for visitors to navigate with attractive and educational signage throughout the facility that will help gain a greater understanding of raptors. The replacement cage should be both functional and attractive.

The Request

We respectfully ask for your support in reaching our fundraising goal. Your leadership gift, combined with others, will ensure that the initial renovation work is completed this summer. Your generosity will help us take immediate action, and the results will be in the new cages for visitors to see by end of summer.

Thank you, again, for your consideration of this request, and for your generous support of the California Raptor Center!  

Donate now!  
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Progress of the Campaign:

Check above for renovation updates.


We did it, and then some! Thanks to your generous donations and support, we raised a total of $44,312, which is enough to build the new eagle and mid-flight enclosures. The money we made on top of the $35,000 goal will be used for future Raptor Center updates. The same goes for any donations we receive on this page from this point on, so feel free to keep donating! 

Keep an eye this space in the coming months, because we will be posting updates and photos as the demolition and construction take place. We'll have shiny new cages well before the next Open House in October. Thanks for your support! 


We had a great week of donations and are now less than $1,000 away from our goal with six days to go. We thank you so much for your generosity. Now let's cross the finish line! 

Note: The donation total updates on Fridays, so if you don't see your donation reflected immediately, that's why. Thanks for your patience! 


We are now more than two-thirds of the way to our goal of $35,000, so we are going to start the process of upgrading the eagle enclosures! But we still need to raise the rest of the money to complete the mid-flight caging. Help us get there by August 1st! 


An active supporter of the California Raptor Center has generously donated $12,000 toward our cage improvements! This brings us ever closer to our goal of $35,000. Help us keep the momentum by spreading the word or supporting the project today!


Golden Eagle Fuzzy lives in the right half of the old eagle enclosure, as she has since 1995 when she was brought to the California Raptor Center with a broken wing. She had flown into a wind turbine, which fractured her left ulna, fragmented the cartilage, and damaged connective tissue. She was very thin and dehydrated – surely suffering pain and stress. We did not expect her to live. 

Adopt Fuzzy for $150 today and help us give her new spacious enclosure!

Not only did Fuzzy survive, but she regained some use of her wing. She can even fly a little, though not well enough to hunt for herself. For 20 years, she has been living with us, safe in her high aerie, and very calm in front of visitors. Indeed, she got her name when one of her caretakers remarked that all she needed was a pair of fuzzy slippers to look right at home. Every now and then, she sails out into the open area of her cage, to take a bath. We believe she would indulge more frequently if she had the room, so we have designed her new enclosure to be larger and more exercise-friendly.

Please come visit Fuzzy when she moves into her new apartment. She will still have pride of place, of course, near the Raptor Center’s entrance. With her great beauty and calm dignity, she is one of our most popular greeters. 



And we're off! The crowdfunding campaign is officially in motion, so it's time to start spreading the word. We've got $13,500 toward our goal of $35,000, which is great! But it's up to you and your friends and family to help turn this into a reality. Whether you donate today or just share this page with others, the California Raptor Center greatly appreciates your support. We'll keep you updated on the progress. Thanks! 


This is where we will share our progress and give you updates about the campaign. Check back for photos and observations from our volunteers. We'll also display our deep gratitude in this space. 

Stay tuned!