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Understanding Cancer in Golden Retrievers

I was greatly impressed with this article that appeared in a publication for Golden Retriever owners and breeders. Although the article is slanted to Goldens, everything that is said about cancer in this breed is applicable to dogs in general. Cancer is the cause of death in about one-third of all dogs, and in some breeds it may be as high as two-thirds.

Unfortunately, the Golden Retriever is one of a number of purebreeds that suffer a higher than expected incidence of cancer. The types of cancer may vary greatly from breed to breed. In Goldens, lymphosarcoma and hemangiosarcoma are important cancers. If you are not a Golden Retriever owner, but want to know about cancer in dogs, read on! It is one of the best lay articles on canine cancer that I have read and even includes the very latest theories on epigenetics and cancer.


N. C. Pedersen
Director, Center for Companion Animal Health

Link to Article:  Understanding Cancer in Golden Retrievers

About the Author:  Rhonda Hovan

Photo: Rhonda Hovan Rhonda Hovan has been a breeder/owner/handler of Golden Retrievers under the "Faera" prefix for over thirty years, producing more than 60 CH's. As a health and genetics writer, she has won the Veterinary Information Network Health Education Award and the Eukanuba Canine Health Award. Rhonda is the Research Facilitator for the Golden Retriever Club of America, founded the Starlight Fund at the AKC Canine Health Foundation to support Golden Retriever health research, serves on the Advisory Board of the National Canine Cancer Foundation, and is an Emeritus Director of the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. She wrote this article to help answer some common questions from breeders and owners, such as "Why did my dog get cancer?" and "What can I do to help my dog avoid cancer?" Rhonda is a frequent speaker on topics of canine health, and lives in Akron, Ohio with five Goldens and two rescued raccoons.

Article, originally published in GRNews (Golden Retriever News) and reprinted by permission of the author: Understanding Cancer in Golden Retrievers (.pdf format)