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Photo: Michael Kent, CCAH Associate Director with new radio therapy unit
What's New at CCAH

What's New at the CCAH

CCAH welcomes new Director, Dr. Michael Sean Kent

We are very pleased to welcome Dr. Michael Kent as the new Director of the CCAH.  Dr. Kent  took over as Director at the beginning of November from outgoing Director Dr. Niels Pedersen.  Dr. Kent has broad knowledge of small animal medicine and surgery, and specializes in radiation oncology.  His research interests include identification of tumor markers on canine adrenal tumors that can serve as serum markers  in order to develop better diagnostic tests preoperatively for this group of diseases; and the molecular mechanisms of resistance to radiation in dogs with melanoma and ways to overcome resistance.  Malignant melanoma is resistant to radiation therapy in both dogs and humans. Dr. Kent's expertise, enthusiasm and vision of a dynamic future for the CCAH will ensure continued leadership in small animal research and program development in the years to come.

CCAH welcomes three new Associate Directors

We are thrilled to welcome three new Associated Directors to the CCAH, Danika Bannasch, Kate Hurley, and Robert Rebhun.   For more information please see the link to our Associate Directors page.

CCAH sponsors International Conference on Feline Health

We are excited to sponsor the International Conference on Feline Health, coming to the UC Davis campus September 5th-7th, 2014.  The conference will bring together an international group of scientists studying all aspects of feline health and feline husbandry.  Continuing education credit will be available for veterinary professionals.   There will two simultaneous sessions, one for clinicians and scientists and one for cattery (breeders) and individuals interested in shelter medicine issues.  Please check the link above to the conference information page for ongoing updates about this important conference.

Installation of the new linear accelerator is completed

Installation of our new radiotherapy unit has been completed and it is now in service, enabling our veterinary oncology team to provide state-of-the-art treatment of a variety of cancers in cats, dogs, horses, and other animals.  The complex process of installing the new radiotherapy unit involved not only removing the old machine, but also removing much of the old floor and replacing it with a floor and base specifically designed to support the new linear accelerator.  A new power supply and "power conditioner" have also been added.  The software to plan and control the radiotherapy treatments has been installed and fine-tuned.  You can see photos of the ongoing work on the "Linac page."


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