Center for Children's Environmental Health

Project 1 - Environmental Epidemiology of Autism

Project 1:  Environmental Epidemiology of Autism

In this project, researchers are building upon study findings on molecular and immune system factors associated with autism found in 2-5 year olds participating in the CHARGE (Childhood Autism Risks from Genetics and Environment).  They have initiated a new epidemiologic study, MARBLES (Markers of Autism Risk in Babies-Learning Early Signs), that is enrolling pregnant women who already have a child with autism.  In MARBLES, researchers are following the younger sibling from the pre-natal period through early childhood. Researchers are considering if immune function differences between participants in the CHARGE study change over time. They are also looking at the mechanisms responsible for the immune function variation in the MARBLES study participants.

Project Leaders: Irva Hertz-Picciotto, Ph.D., Robin Hansen, Ph.D., Cheryl Walker, Ph.D., Sally Ozonoff, Ph.D., Deborah Bennett, Ph.D.