Rescued Clydesdale Fully Recovered Following 20-Foot Fall

Daniel the Clydesdale

The Center for Equine Health (CEH) is known for advancing veterinary medicine through research, education and public outreach.  Another role of the CEH is to offer layup boarding with individualized care for horses recovering from illness, injury, surgery, or other procedures requiring time for healing and rehabilitation.     

The CEH director and staff believe that the care of a horse during a recovery period can have a significant impact on how well it recovers from an injury or illness. With their close proximity to the William R. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, the facility is an ideal place where horses can receive round the clock care and convenient follow-up visits at the hospital.

Meet Daniel the Clydesdale, a great CEH layup care success story. Daniel came to CEH in early July, following a 20-foot tumble down a steep slope into a creek bed in the Bay Area. Following two weeks of emergency and Intensive Care Unit treatments for extensive nerve and spine injuries at the UC Davis Veterinary Medical Hospital, Daniel was transferred to CEH for his layup and rehabilitation treatments. Daniel stayed at CEH for nearly three-weeks before he was ready to head home.

CEH technicians provide clients with regular updates and photographs of their horse(s) while in our care, and now postcare, Daniel’s owner Allison, reports that he has made a full recovery and thriving at home.

“Thank you for the fabulous care you gave Daniel,” said Allison, “He is doing great back at the barn and none the worse for the wear. CEH and the Vet School gave him top notch care – I could not of asked for better. Having regular communication kept my mind at ease and up-to-date on everything going on with him. I would highly recommend CEH to anyone needing lay up facilities for their equine.”

For more information about layup and boarding services available at CEH, visit our website here.