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Laminitis Update, May 2016

Laminitis in horses continues to be a significant health problem that can often lead to chronic lameness or premature death. Reported incidence varies from 7-34% of horses, and it has been identified as a top research priority among national research funding organizations and the American Association of Equine Practitioners. Consider that the laminae tissues are truly responsible for suspending the horse within the hoof capsule.

Laminitis is a syndrome in horses, with several underlying causes. This makes it difficult to study as there are likely different mechanisms of laminar damage. In addition, many horses suffer from sub-clinical laminitis, which goes undiagnosed over time and adds chronicity to the disease. Read about how CEH is working to enhance early diagnosis here...

Equine Influenza

Equine influenza, caused by the orthomyxovirus equine influenza A type 2 (A/equine 2), is one of the most common infectious diseases of the respiratory tract of horses. It is endemic in the equine population of the United States and throughout much of the world. Read more about Equine influenza from AAEP here.