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October 28, 2014

Dear Clients,

The CEH strives to meet all of your needs while your horse is in our care. If you would like to visit your horse, we ask that you schedule your visitation time with the main office by calling (530) 752-6433. Upon your arrival, one of our technicians will escort you to your horse's stall and answer any questions you may have.

Daily grooming helps horses adjust to their new environment and establish trust in those who are caring for them. A new feature we have recently added to our rehabilitation, layup and quarantine programs is the Equine Care Kit, which contains a few supplies that will be stored in your horse's stall and used only for your horse. Included in the kit are a curry comb, soft brush, thermometer, gloves, and salt lick. The assignment of these items to individual horses is intended to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. There is a one-time fee for the Equine Care Kit of $27.50, which will be included in the cost estimate provided by our client services staff. The kit will be sent home with your horse upon discharge.


Dr. Claudia Sonder
Director, Center for Equine Health

Veterinary Services

If your horse requires any other veterinary treatment, you will be notified and a staff member of the UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital will provide treatment. Please advise us if you wish to have your horse dewormed, vaccinated or treated for any condition while in quarantine. Charges for any treatment by the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital will be billed separately.

Miscellaneous Services

We offer farrier services, specialized feeding, exercise and grooming for an additional charge. If you require an insurance examination and/or an interstate or international health certificate, please advise us early in the quarantine period so we can make the necessary arrangements.

The photographs below show the exercise arena at the Center for Equine Health for CEM quarantine horses. The arena is approximately 60 x 120 meters and is surrounded by conifers. Horse owners may, by appointment, schedule time in the arena to exercise their horses.

cem arena cem arena

For an additional charge, horses can be exercised in our multiple-horse Free Flow Equiciser shown below.

cem arena
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