Center for Food Animal Health


  • Address the animal, public and environmental health of food animal agriculture.
  • Address disease in California livestock production and provide for the well-being of livestock in production 
  • Establish monitoring and surveillance systems to identify and manage exotic pests.
  • Develop and implement integrated monitoring and surveillance systems for reducing the risks of acquiring food-borne illnesses.
  • Develop waste management systems for environmentally safe animal production systems.
  • Assist livestock producers in meeting international standards for trade, prevention and resolution.
  • Determine the underlying mechanisms of disease and host protection.
  • Develop better diagnostic tests for agent detection and methods of disease, prevention and resolution.
  • Establish methods to characterize, manage and reduce the risks associated with chemical and microbial problems affecting livestock/food and their environment.
  • Address microbial and animal genomics and their impact on animal health, well being, environmental and human health.
  • Explore and develop new sources of funding for food animal resources.