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Directions for Formula Funds, Hatch, Multi-State forms

Click on any of the links below to download the forms.

Completed MS Word forms can be saved.

CFAH Forms 1 (Formula Funds), 1 (Hatch/MS/BA), 2345, 6 (MS Word)

USDA Project Narrative (pdf)

CFAH Guidelines (pdf)

CFAH Priority Issues (pdf)

NIFA REEport Updates

REEport is NIFA’s new grant and formula project initiation and reporting system, building on and replacing the CRIS web forms system.   On May 6, 2013, the Research, Education, and Extension project online reporting tool (REEport) was launched to replace CRIS web forms.   REEport implements the Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR), and standard progress report format that all Federal research agencies are required to use for research grant reporting. REEport Resources:

  1.  Learn How To Use REEport!
  2. The REEport Implementation web page located on the NIFA website contains training materials, newsletters, and the REEport user manual. 
  3.  The NIFA Reporting Web Conference Series located on the NIFA website contains recording, slides, and Question & Answer documents from the Reporting Web conferences we have held on grant reporting over the past few years.

If you received an email requesting you to log in to REEport but your link has expired, you may generate a new one through the password reset mechanism:

If you have any problem activating your account, please contact the NIFA Administrator at

You and your PDs may be receiving multiple reporting notification emails from REEport in the final year of a project, one for an Annual Progress Report, and one for a Final Report.  This is confusing. It does NOT mean that the PI is required to submit both.

REEport does not know whether a Non-Formula grant will be receiving a continuation/extension in the final year, or whether it will actually be closed out, and therefore makes available both Progress and Final Report shells for either eventuality. REEport is simply programmed to send notifications on both sets of reporting shells, and this is why you are receiving both sets of notifications.

In the final year of a project, you, and or your PD, must make the determination: to either submit the Progress Report if the project will be receiving a continuation/extension of any kind, or submit the Final Report if the project will actually be coming to an end.

The instructions for progress and/or final reports were taken word for word from the REEport User Manual and organized into a web page with links to instruction details: Progress Reports