How to Obtain a Project Number

Request a new CA AES Project # [CA-V-(ABC)-(1234)-(H, RR or AH)] by emailing Rowena Banks.

The email should contain the following information along with the request for new project #:

  1. PI name (also list any co-PI's)
  2. UC Davis department affiliation (also list any cooperating departments of significance to research development and interpretation)
  3. Title of project
  4. Project type – indicate one only: Hatch project (H), Hatch/Multistate (RR) or Animal Health (AH)
  5. Federal Planned Program Area (1-8) - see AES Project Coding Key and Federal Planned Program Area (1-8) Descriptions
  6. ANR Issue (1-25) - see AES Project Coding Key
  7. Identify activity as Integrated or non-Integrated (Regular)

Note: Numbers 5-7 should be identified by PI or someone with first-hand programmatic knowledge/understanding of PI's project.

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