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Progess Report Requirements

Progress Reports are required for all approved Hatch, Multi State, Bovine Abortion, and Animal Health projects on an annual basis.  The reporting period will automatically populate into your progress report found in your “Draft” folder in REEport.

Please review all of your active projects in REEport to see if your progress reports are current. If you have approved projects in REEport that did not receive funding, you still need to file a report and indicate that the project was not funded for the reporting period and that no progress was made. The progress report period cannot be altered from the dates entered when the project was initiated unless you complete the “project change” form in REEport.

Please ensure the accuracy of the project information, especially with regard to project status, research objectives, project directors, annual progress reports and status, and expiration dates. 

Progress Report instructions can be found here:    

REEport Quick Guides - Submit a Progress Report for a Non-Capacity Project

REEport Quick Guides - Submit a Progress Report for a Capacity Project

*Note: More information is required in REEport than on the old AD421. 

Email Rowena Banks when your report has been submitted for review.

NIFA REEport Updates

REEport is NIFA’s new grant and formula project initiation and reporting system, building on and replacing the CRIS web forms system.   On May 6, 2013, the Research, Education, and Extension project online reporting tool (REEport) was launched to replace CRIS web forms.   REEport implements the Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR), and standard progress report format that all Federal research agencies are required to use for research grant reporting. 

REEport Resources

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