Dairy Herd Health & Food Safety Funds Call

Background and Overview

In 1995, the California Milk Advisory Board (CMAB) and the California Manufacturing Milk Advisory Board (CMMAB) established the creation of a Dairy Herd Health and Food Safety (DHH-FS) Endowment in the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.  Within the overall intent and purpose of the DHH-FS Endowment is basic and applied research for meeting industry and consumer needs which will satisfy important dairy herd health and food safety objectives.  Research activities should address scientific, technological, social, and economic demands facing the California dairy industry at the present time and anticipated in the future.  Outcomes from funded research should contribute to increased knowledge and understanding for achieving and promoting sustainable dairy cattle milk production systems in California.


Principal investigators must hold a faculty appointment (Academic Senate or Academic Federation) within the School of Veterinary Medicine.  Collaborative research teams may consist of faculty members, scientists, and researchers from the School of Veterinary Medicine as well as others beyond the School, but the PI must be a faculty member within the School with PI status. 

An eligible faculty member may submit only one proposal per call as PI; there is no limit on on the number of proposals in which an individual faculty member may serve as co-investigator.

Funding Availability

Based on the annual fund growth from the endowment investment, it is anticipated that one project will be funded each year for an amount not exceeding $24,000.


These criteria will be evaluated during review of proposals for recommendations of funding support:

  • Advancement of sustainable dairy cattle milk production systems in California
    • Proposals should provide compelling reasons for justifying project support
  • Technical merit
    • Is the science sound?
    • Are the design and methods adequate and appropriate?
    • Are plans for dissemination of knowledge and outreach/engagement appropriately designed to achieve desired impact?
  • Relevance to California and likelihood of impact
    • How important are the issues being addressed in view of California dairy herd health and food safety needs, issues, and concerns?
    • Will the proposed project produce an outcome or product or lead to recommendations that will likely have relevance to California dairy industry stakeholders in the near-term?
    • Will the project support science-based decision making and delivery of useful findings to inform policy and outreach efforts?
  • Feasibility
    • Does the project team have the expertise and capacity to contribute to the success of the project?
    • Can the project be reasonably accomplished within the proposed timeline and budgetary limits?
    • Will the project likely have a meaningful outcome for dairy herd health and food safety at its conclusion?
  • Collaboration and integration
    • Does the proposed project build connections that strengthen the research, dissemination, and outreach network and promote fulfillment of intent and purpose of the DHH-FS Endowment and the objectives of the Center for Food Animal Health?
    • Does the project leverage additional funding or foster collaborations with key stakeholders?

Projects and Funding

Request for Proposals (.pdf)

These factors apply to proposed projects:

  • Proposals will be due 10/16/17 at midnight PST
    • All forms and requirements must be submitted by email to svmresearch@ucdavis.edu as electronic attachment documents by the due date.
  • Project budgets are not to exceed $24,000.
  • Timeline for completion of proposed project including deliverables:
    • Based on date of award of funding
    • Typically expected to be within one year
    • Not to exceed two years
  • Any PI or Co-PI who has received funding support from DHH-FS Endowment within the past 5 years of the proposal deadline will be required to provide reports of funding amounts, timelines of project objectives, and completion or progress reports including outcomes and products (publications, abstracts, submitted manuscripts).

Application Process

Application Deadline:  10/16/17 at midnight PST

The application must include the CFAH or CFAH DHH-FS forms as specified in the following checklist of documents. 

Submit your proposal application as two .pdf files:  1) CFAH DHH-FS Form 1 with wet signatures; 2) Forms 2 - 6 in consecutive order.

Email documents to svmresearch@ucdavis.edu

Check list of required documents:

CFAH DHH-FS form 1 – cover page (PI and Chair signature required)

CFAH DHH-FS form 2 – Project narrative (not to exceed two pages, excluding references)

CFAH DHH-FS form 3 – Budget (Not to exceed $24,000)

CFAH form 4 – Assurance form

CFAH form 5 – Progress report (for continuation projects only)

CFAH Form 6 - List of Current and Pending Extramural Support (required for PI and Co-PI’s only)

Only electronic submissions to svmresearch@ucdavis.edu will be accepted.  When you are submitting your proposal you can request notification of delivery receipt in Outlook by choosing the “options” tab, and then click in the box next to “Request a Delivery Receipt”.  Please keep for your records.

Questions may be addressed to Rowena Banks at 530-752-6865.