USDA Formula Funds Call

The basic objective of the USDA Formula Funds Program (Farm Bill Section 1433) is to provide seed funds to support new and innovative research, and assist faculty in developing preliminary data required to apply for extramural funding in the area of food animal medicine. A maximum of ten (10) bonus points will be given to each proposal for planning, implementation, outcomes and reporting that involves Veterinary Medicine Extension, and a maximum of five (5) bonus points will be given to each proposal which includes multi-state collaborations.

There is a limit of two proposals per faculty member, per year.

CFAH receives the Preliminary Allocation Notification from USDA/NIFA between November and May of the same fiscal year funds are required to be spent.  For example, for the 14-15 Hatch/Multi State/Bovine Abortion and Formula Fund calls, we will receive the preliminary notification sometime between November 2014 through May 2015 from USDA/NIFA.   It is the policy of CFAH to allocate 75% of the preliminary funding amount when the preliminary notice is received. 

The Final Notification is usually received in May of the same fiscal year funds are required to be spent.  For example, for the 14-15 Hatch/Multi State/Bovine Abortion and Formula Fund calls, we will receive the final funding notification in May 2015, and if funding is not reduced from the preliminary amount, the remaining 25% will be allocated to the next highest ranking proposal(s).

If you are able to work around this restriction, we encourage you to apply.

All USDA funded projects must have current progress reports in REEport before new funds can be allocated to the PI.

Please note - Our office does not review the budgets for submitted projects, as the projects are reviewed and approved by the review committee (who may or may not consider budget items during the review process).  It is the responsibility of the PI to review the Animal Health Disease Research Manual for items that are not allowable during the preparation of their budget (budget discussion begins on page 18 of the manual).

Examples of unallowable expenses include tuition and fees, PI effort, and entertainment.

ELIGIBILITY: SVM Faculty. Faculty on leave without pay (LWOP) are not eligible, and Emeriti will receive lower priority during the review of applications. Any individual, eligible SVM faculty member may submit a maximum of two proposals as a Principal Investigator.  Proposals are not permitted with Co-Principal Investigators.  (There is no limit on the number of proposals in which an individual faculty member is serving as a co-investigator.)


Application Deadline:  Application due date is October 31, 2014 by midnight 

If selected for funding, you must submit the .pdf project summary document created by initiating a project in REEport. Please email the CFAH Program Manager when you have completed and submitted your project for review in REEport

Your proposal should address the 2015-2016 Priority Issues established at the annual Stakeholder’s meeting.

Your application must include CFAH forms 1 – 6 (form 5 is required only if you are submitting a request for funding for a continuing project).  Form 6 “Current and Pending Support” replaces the previous requirement to submit an extramural proposal copy. 

Submit your proposal application in two .pdf files:  1) CFAH Form 1 with wet signatures 2) Forms 2-6 in consecutive CFAH Form order (If CFAH Forms 2-6 are submitted as separate, individual files, the application will not be reviewed).

Email documents to

Check list of required documents:

CFAH form 1 – cover page (PI and Chair signature required)

CFAH form 2 – Project narrative

CFAH form 3 – Budget (Not to exceed $20,000)

CFAH form 4 – Assurance form

CFAH form 5 – Progress report (for continuation projects only)

CFAH form 6 - Current, Pending and Future Support (required for PI only)

IF SELECTED FOR FUNDING: REEport Project Summary (.pdf created by initiating your project in REEport)

Only electronic submissions to will be accepted. When you are submitting your proposal you can request notification of delivery receipt in Outlook by choosing the “options” tab, and then click in the box next to “Request a Delivery Receipt”. Please keep for your records.

Questions may be addressed to Rowena Banks at 530-752-6865.