Funded Proposals

Each year the CFAH faculty Advisory Committee meets with stakeholders - representatives from the commodities, Extension, professional organizations and regulatory agencies. The Stakeholders identify key issues and diseases of importance to their members and they assist the Administration and Advisory Committee in setting research priorities established at the Annual stakeholders Meeting for the CFAH Administration and faculty to consider for funding.

The CFAH Director distributes a call for proposals to address the diseases and issues that faculty in the School may submit research proposals to address these diseases and issues established at the Annual Stakeholders meeting. All peer reviewed research projects which are selected by a Scientific Review and Commodity Committee to receive federal funding must first be reviewed and approved by USDA before the project grant can be activated.

Funded Proposals - Preliminary Funding 16-17

Funded Proposals - Formula Funds/Animal Health 16-17

Formula Funds/Animal Health - 15-16

Funded Proposals 15-16

Funded Proposals 14-15

Funded Proposals 13-14

Funded Proposals 12-13

Funded Proposals 11-12

Please note - any publications, posters, inventions or presentations must be attributed to the funding that you received.  For more information, please visit the Attribution page.