How is my Proposal Ranked?

There are three reviewers for each proposal which includes two scientific reviewers and one commodity reviewer.  Reviewers are selected based on the scientific focus of the proposal.  At the Proposal Review meeting, reviewers present their comments and scores which are used as a guide for each CFAH committee member to use when submitting their own score (vote). 

Commodity and Scientific votes are tallied and averaged separately.  The average for Scientific Merit and the average for Commodity Relevance are added together and divided by two.  The extra Bonus points are then added to the score.

Bonus Points – PI’s can receive 5 bonus points for multi-state involvement and 10 bonus points for Vet Extension involvement.  Bonus points are added to the commodity and scientific score, so theoretically a proposal can receive a total score over 100.

Please note - any publications, posters, inventions or presentations must be attributed to the funding that you received.  For more information, please visit the Attribution page.