Center for Food Animal Health

Spring Call for Proposals

Faculty in the School of Veterinary Medicine are invited to submit new or continuation research proposals for funding for Permanent and Temporary Hatch, Multi-State Research, and Bovine Abortion projects.

Continuation requests must be submitted using the pre-approved Hatch title. The development of a new project proposal must be brought to the attention of the School’s Office of Research (752-6865), for School approval and required paperwork. The approval process for a Hatch project involves submission of the required program forms to ANR and subsequently to the USDA for final approval. CRIS web forms has been replaced by USDA/NIFA’s new reporting system called REEport.

These funds are part of a State/Federal Program funded through Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR), which allocates on an annual basis. Projects must be approved by the SVM, ANR and USDA/NIFA before projects can be funded. The level of funding each year is determined by ANR and that office has the option for input into which projects should be funded. *These funds are not eligible for extensions and must be used during the project period of 10/01/2013 – 09/30/2014 and address the 2013-2014 Priority Issues established at the annual Stakeholder’s meeting.

A maximum of ten (10) bonus points will be given to each proposal for planning, implementation, outcomes and reporting that involves Veterinary Medicine Extension, and a maximum of five (5) bonus points will be given to each proposal which includes multi-state collaborations.

Continuation requests must be submitted using the approved Multi-State Research project title. Our office can provide advice and guidance to faculty interested in joining an ongoing project.

This program is also part of a State/Federal Program. In order to participate in a Multi-State Research Program, faculty must develop a work plan that fits into an established national Multi-State five-year plan, on a targeted subject matter area. Participating faculty researchers are expected to attend annual meetings to discuss & evaluate progress in the targeted objectives of the 5-year program plan. Funding for project support is provided by the School’s CFAH made possible through State and Federal resources.

According to CFAH policy, PI's with approved Multi-State Research projects may annually request up to $1,500 in travel funds to attend Multi-State Research meetings and/or workshops. Requests for travel funds should NOT be included in the annual request for project funding, and should be submitted in a separate letter, addressed to Rowena Banks no later than July 30, 2013.

Due to ongoing budgetary cuts, these State funds are no longer available to support research projects.

Research proposals which fit into a collaborative study on the cause and/or control of epizootic bovine abortion(s) are sought. New or continuation requests will be accepted. Funding for this program resulted from a line item appropriation from the State to address Epizootic Bovine Abortion. These discretionary funds are used to address project plans developed by faculty working on the EBA problem.

Proposals must be submitted by someone that holds an academic appointment in ANR with Principal Investigator (PI) status-- such as Cooperative Extension (CE) Advisors, Cooperative Extension (CE) Specialists or Agricultural Experiment Station (AES) Faculty.

SVM Faculty


Application Deadline:  July 30, 2013 at 5pm

Your application must include the pdf project summary document created by initiating a project in REEport. Please email the CFAH Program Manager when you have completed and submitted your project for review in REEport. In addition to the required CFAH application forms listed below, an extramural proposal (complete or draft) is required. You are encouraged to apply for other extramural funding sources.

Email all documents to

Check list of required documents:

REEport Project Summary (pdf created by initiating your project in REEport). 

CFAH form 1 – cover page (PI and Chair signature required)

CFAH form 2 – Project narrative

CFAH form 3 – Budget (Not to exceed $20,000)

CFAH form 4 – Assurance form

CFAH form 5 – Progress report (for continuation projects only)

Extramural Proposal (Complete or Draft)

Only electronic submissions to  will be accepted.  When you are submitting your proposal you can request notification of delivery receipt in Outlook by choosing the “options” tab, and then click in the box next to “Request a Delivery Receipt”.  Please keep for your records. 

Questions may be addressed to Rowena Banks at 530-752-6865.