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Below, please find links to all of the clinical trials involving reproduction. The studies include a multitude of information, including (but not limited to) the study’s purpose, benefits for participating, and financial incentive information. If you have any questions, please contact the individual outlined at the end of each trial summary.

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Subfertility: Examining Semen Parameters in the Labrador Retriever

Title: Advanced measures of spermatozoal parameters to predict fertility of subfertile dogs

Purpose: Sperm motility and number are the only parameters we currently have to measure sperm. These parameters do not have a strong correlation to subfertility in many males. We have the ability to measure more detailed aspects of sperm, including cell membrane and DNA integrity, as well as sperm cell metabolism. Some of these parameters may correlate with infertility. The objective of this study is to identify fertility parameters in canine semen which can be evaluated using fluorescent markers.


Participation Requirements: Labrador Retrievers over 2 years old that have bred more than one bitch without resulting in pregnancy or yielding litters of less than 3 puppies

Initial Evaluation for Participation: Completion of our online survey to notify us of your desire to have your dog included in this study

Procedures: After completing the above-mentioned online survey, we will determine if your dog is eligible for the study. If he/she is found to be eligible for this study, you or your veterinarian will need to collect semen from your dog. The semen will need to be shipped to UC Davis per the provided instructions.

Benefits: The study will cover costs associated with semen shipping and analysis performed by UC Davis. You will also receive a complete report of your dog’s semen test results.

We cannot promise any benefits to your dog or other animals from your taking part in this clinical trial; however, possible benefits include identification of specific sperm parameters associated with infertility or subfertility in male dogs. Identification of these parameters may help to focus further research and may lead to measures that can prevent or cure some causes of subfertility in male dogs.

Owner Responsibilities: If you allow your dog to participate in this study, you will be responsible for signing and returning our consent form, making an appointment with your veterinarian for semen collection, transporting your dog to the veterinarian, and paying for any veterinary-related fees through your veterinarian.

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