Student Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society


2014-2015 Events:

Dinner Talks

10/20/14 (6pm) Valley 1043 - Being an Emergency Doctor in a General Practice with Open Discussion by Dr. Clark

Lunch Talks

1/27/15 (12-1pm) Valley 1030 - The Business Side of Emergency Medicine by Dr. Clark

11/18/14 (12-1pm) Valley 1030 - Common Toxicities by Dr. Wong, Sacramento VCA Emergency and Critical Care Specialist

9/9/14 (12-1pm) Valley 1020 - Introduction to SVECCS and a Discussion on Emergency Cases by Dr. Jandrey

Journal Clubs

2/11/15 (12-1pm) Valley 1011 - Effects of Hyperlactemia on Survival in Critically Ill Dogs with Hypotension, Moderator: Dr. Kate Hopper

12/9/14 (12-1pm) -  FFP Administration in Dogs with Pancreatitis, Moderator: Dr. Kate Farrel

10/2/14 (12-1pm) - Using a Thromboelastography in the Evaluation and Treatment of Dogs with Crotalid Snake Envenomation, Moderator: Dr. Hoehne

Field Trips

2/2/15 PETS & PESCM Tours & Dinner

2013-2014 Past Events:

Lunch Talks

4/7/14 - Lunch Talk: Common Emergencies, by Dr. Wong, Sacramento VCA Emergency and Critical Care Specialist

2/20/14 - Lunch Talk: CAPE Emergencies, by Dr. Keller, CAPE resident

10/30/13 - Lunch Talk: Cardiac Emergencies, by Dr. Stern, board certified cardiologist

Field Trips

12/7/13 - San Francisco SPCA Tour and Q&A

Journal Clubs

5/20/14 - Evaluating treatment factors associated with feline urethral obstruction occurrence rate, Moderator: Dr Ueda

4/25/14 - Resuscitation in dogs with shock, Moderator: Dr. Epstein

3/24/14 - Sepsis and Septic Shock, Moderator: Dr. Cagle

9/25/13 - Hemostasis after GI Decontamination post-rodenticide ingestion, Moderator: Dr. Guillaume Hoareau